Many people from the Nordic countries choose to move south to the Mediterranean Sea, to the sun and the warm climate. A good choice then is Pyrénées Orientales or Aude, with the Pyrenees and Spain in the south and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. The area contains a wide repertoire of culture, nature and entertainment.

How about over 300 days of sunshine per year, a 50 km long sandy beach and 30 km of rocky coastline interspersed with small sandy beaches. From the beach, it takes you two hours by car to villages with ski sloops for all categories of skiers. Are you interested in hiking, prepared tracks takes you to most areas in the region.

In addition to swimming in the sea, you can try the hot baths of various kinds in one of the spa villages in the area. Towns having warm baths usually have a name ending with ”Les Bains”.

The culture is a mixture of French and Catalan, both of which springs from a Roman lifestyle. The area was colonized by the Romans about 120 years before birth of Christ and was then part of Gallia Narbonensis. After the Romans left, around 460 AD, many armies passed through the area and many rulers considered themselves the owners over it. From 1659 it has been part of France.
At the feet of the Pyrenees is a large region of orchards, especially cherries, peaches and apricots. Out on the plain you also find a lot of sunflower fields. But of course, the predominant plants at altitudes below 300 m is vine.

It is therefore easy in Pyrénées Orientales and Aude to eat well, drink well, feel good and have a good time.